Yamaha YSP etc type soundbar on floor?


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Been asked to sort out a system for a friend.
At present he has a rubbish Panasonic all-in-one 5.1 setup with 5 speakers, 3 of which (L/C/R are on the floor under the TV stand). They can't be moved as the stand has been purpose made and the speakers need to sit there.
The rears, again, small satellites, are either side of the sofa , angled up.
The passive sub is in the corner.

Let's say budget is £250, for s/h stuff.
Assuming the height of something like a YSP-800 is OK, anyone had any experience of these soundbars on the floor? He really wants that enveloping surround sound. The YSP-800s seem to go for about £150 s/h, leaving me around £100 s/h for a good active sub. Prob BK Gemini, MS 907W etc

The alternative, probably for around the £400 mark is an amp, and something small and stylish like the Mordaunt Short MS300 Premiere range (as at least the centre and sats can be wall mounted) and get some paintable self adhesive flat speaker wire...



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