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I'm considering buying the above unit to (hopefully) provide decent surround sound in my living room. Obviously my wife is very keen on this due to the lack of wires (I know I'm not alone in that respect!).

Currently I have a CRT, but intend to upgrade to an LCD (most likely 32") when finances allow. I have a few questions..

  1. Does anyone have any strong opinions (good or bad) about the YSP-800?
  2. Yamaha state that even though the unit is magnetically shielded, it should not be placed on top of a CRT (which is where I was hoping to place it). Are they just saying this to cover themselves, or is there a genuine reason that I shouldn't? Does anyone have it positioned on top of a CRT?
  3. The best price I've found so far is at Krisha AV. Has anyone used this retailer before and have any positive / negative experiences they could share? Does anyone know of a better price than this?

Many thanks in advance!


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I listened to it the other week and although I didnt buy it (went for a satellite set + sub); it was very impressive for audio and did create an impressive soundstage. It produces very clear sound and stays clear and rather loud levels. The auto-calibration is the key.

You definately need a sub-woofer with it, and if is for pure movie /audio listening, then there is nothing that matches its convenience. It simply does not play music with any great gusto.

Not the cheapest piece of tecnology on the market, I would probably say the same money buys a little bit more in the 3.1 market and certainly offers more flexibility down the track......

Hope this helps..


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Definitley get a sub....also set-up is key to this product shining or disappointing :)

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