Yamaha YSP-40D - some basic questions


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Hi all, hope someone can answer a few basic questions for me about the Yamaha YSP-40D

I really like the idea of a sound system that minimises cables and speakers around the room. In the setup I am proposing at home, it really will make a difference to the look and feel of the room.


1) I understand that the YSP-40D works without a separate amplifier. What is the sound level like? (high volume?)

2) My setup will involve a Windows Media Center connected via HDMI into the YSP-40D. Is this speaker suitable for playing music? I play a lot of music at home - I'm not looking for a high end speaker solution, but need to know if the YSP-40D will do the job adequately. This question is sort of linked in with the one above.

3) I have a sub-woofer at home which is currently not in use. Even though it's probably about 5 years old (and never been used!) can I plug this into the YSP-40D to give a better bass sound?


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