Yamaha YSP 2500 woofer issues


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Hello all

Ive just got the above sound bar and overall Im kind of happy. Its not like my old %.1 Onkyo but I'm living in a semi now.

The problem is that the woofer sometimes turns off and the sound bar is appallingly tinny without the bass. I have to turn off the bar and turn it back on and this them synchs the woofer back in, although it doesn't always work.

It did it more when the woofer was wireless and now it is wired but it still does it occasionally.

Has anyone else experienced this with a Yamaha sounder or do you know how to fix it?



James Thomas 75

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I've had this happen to me once so far; and I'm also considering using a wired connection.

I'm not sure if it matters. But in the main setup (via the remote) there's an option to deactivate the wireless signal to the Sub.
As I said,maybe this doesn't have to be switched to off; but it's worth a try if you haven't already!


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Mine does it too. Though not enough to bother wiring it up. Iirc someone found they had stored settings that still had wireless in there. So check those and over write with wireless off


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Make sure that you have turned off the wireless connection capability in the subwoofer section of the settings. Simply connecting the cable doesn't turn off the wireless connection, and it can continue to cause issues until it is turned off completely.
The only time I've had this problem is when wireless connection has been enabled. I'm assuming it is because there is a communications issue over the wireless network.


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I bought one Dec 2014, had quite a few issues and managed to get the shop to replace it Mar 15. Early this year the sub began dropping out. Tried hard wiring facility but no better. Took it back to get repaired but still the sub occasionally cuts out. The shop is now collecting and I've told them I don't want it back as it is not fit for purpose.

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