Yamaha YSP 2200 - no DTS via ARC (connected to LG C1)


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When I had my Yamaha YSP 2200 soundbar connected to my old TV I had my fire stick and PS5 connected directly to the hdmi inputs on the soundbar and I would get the DTS (blue) light.

Now everything is connected to my new tv (using native Netflix app on tv and ps5 needs direct connection to tv for UHD) so I’m connecting the tv to the sound bar via ARC. I no longer get the DTS light.

I’ve set the tv audio to pass-through. I don’t know what else to do. Any ideas?


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I see that according to another thread the LG C1 doesn’t support DTS, it won’t even pass it through. It looks like you will have to revert to connecting the devices to the soundbar.


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Oh no! :( Can’t connect things to the sound bar as I want to use the native app for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The ps5 needs to be directly connected to the tv in order to be used at the highest resolution. I wish I’d realised this before.

Joe Fernand

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The HDFury Arcana (single source) or Vertex3 (four source) is an option to consider - you can add a low cost, multi-Input Switch to the Arcana if you don’t require all of the features the Vertex3 offers.


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