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Hi I run a 5.1.2 set up with dali opticon 6 L R centre and surround speakers. With dali alteco presence speakers and a BK FF sub. When I run the setup on my Yamaha AVR it sets all my speakers to large. I understand that this is not the best idea and it's better to set them to small and control the crossover. My question is what is the best crossover for all of the speakers? L and R crossover with sub? Centre? Surrounds? Atmos speakers? Unsure how the crossover even works when they are all set to large. Sounds good but I was the most from my system!

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It is ordinarilly suggested that you manually set the speakers as being SMALL post calibration regardless of what the receiver set them as and or the actual physical size and rated frequency handling of those speakers.

A crossover of 80Hz is the point to start with. This is the point where frequencies start to become localised and higher frequencies can result in the sub becoming locatable, but after saying this, most people cannot localise frequencies unless encroaching upon or higher than 200Hz. 80Hz is regarded as being at the extremes of the human auditory system's ability to localise sound and this is why you'd start at 80Hz

As far as presence, upward firing or ceiling speakers are concerned then you'd be advised to set these higher and in the 120 to 150Hz range.
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