Yamaha YPAO (R.S.C.) and Direct/Reflecting Speakers?


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Hey All,

I may be the first to ask this - probably because A) It is NOT a common problem, or B) I'm just being a bit thick. (answers on an envelope)

Just ordered a new Yamaha 773 receiver and see that it is fitted with - as part of the YPAO - R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control).

Now here's the rub - for the time being I am hindered,stuck,cursed,? with my direct/reflecting Bose speaker system. It's not been all bad to be fair (before the Purists' spears of incredulity start flying in my direction - I quite like what it does. so there:p) but I have a concern about this particular function of the Yamaha YPAO system.

Will the "Reflected Sound Control" have an adverse effect on the "reflecting" aspect of the Bose system (that is one of its few redeeming featrures). I mean it does do it's job so I would hate to think that my new receiver would calibrate this effect out of the equation.

I would like any assistance as it's being set-up on Saturday and I don't want to bugger it.

Cheers in advance everyone.:smashin:


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I think you will find that reflected sound control is more about nulling out room acoustics than counteracting the wider image spacing the Bose speakers give you.

Bose speakers actually do quite well as surround speakers, as they do not offer point source. Their room filling properties are actually quite useful in this respect. You might want to replace the fronts at some stage to give better stereo image. and think about keeping the rears.

I would not worry about this at all.


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Cheers Noiseboy,

Thanks fo clarifying that for me, now that you mention it - it makes perfect sense.

And no, the speakers are not staying. I've had them for more than a decade, and they have served their purpose very well, but the new amp is the thin edge of a full upgrade - and suitable (small/hidden/discrete)speaker systems are far more abundant than they once were - so the Bose will be replaced.

Thanks again.
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