Yamaha YHT1840 AV Receiver


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Has anyone got this receiver and if so can anyone confirm if this AV Receiver will support 4K?

I've currently got a Pioneer HTP-072 but unfortunately it only supports 1080 HD.

Also, any feedback on the item itself, any good?


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Thanks. I need to upgrade my Pioneer to a 4k set and I have also come across a 4k Pioneer, I am not up to date on the sound side of things so no idea if the Yamaha will be better than the Pioneer.

I know it sounds silly but my current pioneer speakers have no label on the front of them, whereas the Yamaha has the "Yamaha" label across the front of all the speakers and I prefer the clean look.

I know that shouldn't come into it but it is a factor that is sticking out to me.
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