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Yamaha YHT-120 or Sony HTDDW660 or Sony HTDDW750??

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by vicsay, May 2, 2005.

  1. vicsay


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    Well I going to buy a HT system with receiver and speakers, but only have money to buy one of 3 systems:

    Yamaha YHT-120
    Sony HTDDW660
    Sony HTDDW750

    But I don't know who of thems is better.

  2. vicsay


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    Sorry about the long post, is for give you the specifications about each system.


    Yamaha YHT-120
    HTR-5730 AV Receiver:
    PAL/NTSC/Secam Signal Compatibility
    AM/FM Radio tuner
    High 60W x 5 (RMS) power (110W x 5 Max)
    Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro Logic II Compatibility
    Quad-Field CINEMA DSP for enjoying formats such as Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES Matrix 6.1 in Phantom mode
    21 surround programs with SILENT CINEMA and Night Listening mode
    Inputs for RCA, Coaxial, Optical
    Outputs for RCA
    Switches between 110-240 volts 50-60 hertz
    6-speaker package for full enjoyment of movies in 5.1-channel formats
    Package includes main L/R speakers, rear L/R speakers, center speaker and Advanced YST subwoofer
    Compact, Complete Digital Home Cinema 5.1-Channel Speaker Package.
    A Very Convenient and Affordable Way to Begin Enjoying the Thrilling Experience of Multi-Channel Movie Sound.
    Ideal combination for 5.1-channel movie sound formats

    6-speaker package consisting of 4 satellite speakers (main L/R and rear L/R/C), centre speaker and subwoofer
    Excellent sound quality and smart, compact design
    Advanced YST external powered subwoofer for powerful bass response
    Dual 5cm (2”) full-range drivers for high sound quality (4 satellites and centre)
    Flexible placement
    Magnetic shielding allows placement near a TV

    Sony htddw660:
    420-watt home theater system delivers cinema like experience
    Four satellite speakers (70 watts each) immerse you in movie sound
    100-watt slim center speaker lets you hear virtually every whisper
    State-of-the-art decoding: Dolby® Digital, dts®, Dolby Pro Logic®
    Transform your sound-scape with 32-bit digital signal processing
    STR-K660P Receiver - 70W x 5 + 70W subwoofer (total 420W)
    SS-VE66P Speaker Package
    SS-WMSP66 Subwoofer
    Digital Input
    Subwoofer Satellite System Contains 1 Subwoofer, Slim Center Speaker, 4 Satellite Speakers
    Magnetically Shielded Front, Center, Rear, Subwoofer

    Receiver STR-K660P:
    Power Output Stereo: 70 Watts x 2 (RMS 10% THD)
    Multi-Channel Output: 70 Watts x 5 (RMS 10% THD)
    Dolby® Digital, dts® Dolby Pro Logic® II Decoding
    Digital Cinema Sound™ System (Cinema Studio EX)
    Tuner with 20 FM + 10 AM Station Presets
    Digital Signal Processing (DSP type) 32 Bit
    Inputs & Outputs: 1 Coaxial Digital Input
    Inputs & Outputs: 1 Optical Digital Input
    Inputs & Outputs: Headphone jack 1/4" Type
    Inputs & Outputs: Analog Audio Inputs x 2
    Inputs & Outputs: Analog Audio Output x 1

    Subwoofer SA-WMSP66:
    8" Woofer (passive subwoofer)

    Sony htddw750:
    Receiver STR-K750P :100 watts x 5 channels (at 1,000 Hz into 8 ohms with 0.7 percent total harmonic distortion)
    5 magnetically shielded speakers for front, center and rear
    75-watt active subwoofer with 8-inch driver
    Tuner with 20 FM and 10 AM station presets
    Digital Cinema sound effect
    Optical and coaxial digital audio inputs
    2 pairs of analog audio inputs
    3 audio/video inputs
    1 pair of analog audio outputs
    1 audio/video output
    l composite video output (for TV)
    Stereo headphone jack


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