Yamaha YDS-11 iPod dock down to £50 on Amazon


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Good dock for the price, great speakers on these
There are no speakers at all on these, but passing comment on random posts is one way to get your post count up I guess. :rolleyes:
Epic Fail

Bryan839, I've already had to delete half of your rubbish post count padding posts. I'm bored of it now so you can have an infraction.

If I have to delete any more I'll be deleting you along with your posts.


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Apologies, I was thinking of the Yamaha PDX that I have, I didnt go to the amazon link, and got the model mixed up. Thought it was cheap!

Bit unfair to say it was a useless post though. I guess I will have to be 100% certain before I make a comment in future.

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