Yamaha YAS-108 will not accept DTS, Dolby, or even LPCM input from PS4


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I finally got my soundbar working with my LG CX TV & then I remembered I had set the PS4 to funnel DTS to the CX, which it will convert to Dolby Stereo, or at least that's what the soundbar reports (Dolby Pro Logic II).
So I thought, easy-peasy, I'll just run audio through the optical, but alas, I cannot get it the soundbar to report anything other than Dolby Pro Logic II from the PS4, this is after manipulating it through LPCM, DTS, Dolby, & trying 3 sources, Tubi-TV (PCM), Wrath of Khan (Dolby) & Fight Club (DTS).

Here is the indicators sheet:

Only #2 lights up, EVERY time!
unless I set it to stereo or 3D surround & then nothing lights up

With the Sony UBP-X700:
Khan = white HDMI
Fight Club = red HDMI
Tubi = none = PCM

I tried routing LPCM & Dolby through the CX TV from the PS4, but that had the same results.


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Is this because you’ve connected with an optical cable and not a hdmi? Sorry if this isn’t the case, I used to have a Yamaha YAS-107 and could only get all audio options if using hdmi, they weren’t possible using optical.


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That might be the case, but I was sure that my YAS-101 was getting DTS from the PS4.
It's gone now however, so I can't put it back on there & see if I was correct.

If I can't get it to do DTS or Dolby, I suppose I'll just run it through ARC from the TV in LPCM.

I just found this in the 108 owner's manual:



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thanks, no optical cable but possibly its not actually an issue.

Seems, from reading online that the DTS light may not light up on this device when playing a disc with DTS - perhaps any 207 owners can confirm if this is the case - cant find anything to direclt confirm this.


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DTS fires up red when playing from my Sony UBP-X700.
but that's only a direct HDMI 2.1 connection, there's no optical out on the X700

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