Yamaha YAS-107 Soundbar Review & Comments


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I got one of these for the kitchen just before Christmas. For the money it sounds really good, and the Bluetooth Standby works well with the Echo Dot we use in there for music streaming without the need to press buttons to power it up or change inputs.

The only niggle we have is with CEC. The kitchen TV is getting on a bit and doesn't support ARC, so we have to use the optical cable, which is fine. But I can't get CEC working via HDMI at the same time (the TV does support CEC, but it's not the most reliable protocol), so we have to use the soundbar remote for volume adjustments instead of the TV remote. It's a very minor point, but earlier versions of Yamaha's entry-level soundbar like the YAS-105 had an IR learning function which the 107 lacks unfortunately. Might just get a cheapo universal remote at some point.

Steve Withers

Hi Steve,

Just a quick question. Where can I find the switch (T,W) on the bottom of the soundbar? Probably I`m blind, but I cant find it anywhere :D

Thanks for the reply!

Sorry there isn't a switch on the 107, that's on the 105, the 107 just automatically detects whether you've installed it flat or vertically and adjusts its output accordingly.


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I have just purchased a Yamaha YAS-107 and am using it with Sky Q.
I can report that it does support HLG, it is working correctly with Sky Q HLG videos.

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