Yamaha WXA-50 for surround speakers


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I have a Yamaha RX-585 as my main sound system.

Speaker cable access is challenging where I want my rear speakers but access to power is not a problem.

I’m wondering if I can use a WXA-50 to feed two rear speakers? Also, does it have a standby mode where once the 585 is powered off, it goes to standby?

I would then use the MusicCast app to add these to the main unit. Kind of like using MusicCast 20’s as rears but using the WXA as the receiver.

My first choice was to get some MusicCast 20’s but just can’t find any.

Thanks in advance.


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If wishing to utilise the ability to run wireless MusicCast speakers then you'd have to do it directly via the AV receiver's MusicCast capabilities. The WXA-50 is not an AV receiver and as such has no ability to handle multichannel sound or surround speakers. If using the WXA-50 in conjunction with the MusicCast speakers then they would be regarded as a pair of stereo speakers and not as surrounds or as part of the setup associated with your AV receiver. All surround processing is done via your RXV585.

Note that you'd have to have MusicCast speakers in order to be able to utilise the AV receiver's MusicCast witrreless ability and these would need to be assigned as such using the MusicCast capabilities of the AV receiver and in association with that receiver, not the WXA-50 stereo amplifier.

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