Yamaha Warranty for a European receiver

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by DrMekon, Aug 3, 2005.

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    After a discussion in a thread, I am keen on ordering a Yamaha RXV1500 from http://www.technikdirekt.de, for about £420 excluding delivery charges... I am however a little concerned over the warranty cover...

    I contacted www.technikdirekt.de who replied with the following:

    "There is an international warranty of two years for all our products.
    You can return the defective item to us or directly to a repair center
    of the producer in your home country."

    I spoke with Yamaha, who basically said that this was rubbish... Yamaha do not provide customers with a "manufacturers" warranty, or an International warranty; they support the retailers... and I would have to return the item to the retailer in Germany for warranty/support claims.

    I find this quite hard to believe... so if anyone can offer/provide me with a definitive answer, I would greatly appreciate it. I dont want to shell out this amount of cash, only to find if anything does go wrong (perish the thought), it could be quite costly.

    I am emailing www.technikdirekt.de with this information to find out what they say....
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    I bought a couple of weeks ago a whole AV set from the same online supplier in Germany. Specifically I bought a Panasonic plasma TV, a Yamaha receiver and a Pioneer DVD player.

    The Panasonic TV and the Pioneer DVD player came packaged with a paneuropean warranty that states it is valid in any EU country, regardless of the place of purchase. Lots of points for these two manufacturers!

    However, the Yamaha receiver did not come with any warranty whatsoever, only an operating manual. So, I suspect that what Yamaha U.K. told you might be correct. In case of trouble you have to return the goods to the place they where originally purchased. This really stinks, especially for a company like Yamaha. For one thing, my next purchase would be from another manufacturer who is more receptive to the needs of today's shopper.

    P.S. I have owned several Yamaha products in the past, and no one of them ever developed any problem whatsoever. So I guess my threat would be in vain!

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