Yamaha VSX1400 or VSX2400: Any dealer out there got either in black?



Dealers in europe but not UK
as far as i've been informed black is not an option in the UK


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Not available in black, mate. Ordered mine from large national hi-fi dealer in newcastle - specifying it had to be in black. 10 days later called the store to find out if they had recieved it, and if i could collect it - but they said they hadn't had word back and they would ring yamaha uk to find out what tha delay was, got a call back 20 mins later to say "sorry - the dont do it in black, only titanium as its a premium product". Had to take it in titanium, wife wasn't very happy coz it didn't match.


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p.s. I'm very happy i chose the rx-v1400, I absolutley love it.

Hope it helps
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