Yamaha v685 to DVD Problem


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Hi Everyone!

First time post. Perhaps one of the experts on this forum can offer up some guidance.

Receiver: Yamaha v685...have had about a year...loving it.
DVD Player: Sony Blue Ray

I had the DVD hooked to the v685 and everything played just fine. I recently upgraded my tv to a 4K unit (LG OLED..love it!) and it works great off the cable feed. I hadn't watched any DVDs for a while so tried to play one. The disk played, but the screen image was washed in pink...and there was no sound. It's as if one of the color guns was lost. (Showing my age.)

Debug steps:
1) tried a different DVD disk (both non-blue ray resolution)...no help.
2) tried a different HTMI cable from DVS to v685...no help.
3) using original cable, re-wired the DVD directly to a spare input on the tv. Worked like a champ...both picture and sound!
4) re-wired the DVD to the v685 (original setup). Same pink/no-sound problem.

Step 3 would seem to point to the v685 as the problem. It seems there are limited options available on the v685 settings menu(s) which might result in the pink/no-sound problem I'm seeing. Not sure where to turn next.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!



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I once has similar issues with an old Pioneer Blu-ray player. The only cønclusion I came to was that the older player's implementation of HDMI had issues with that implemented onboard the newer AV receiver? It seems as though a lot of older HDMI device cause the same or similar issues when partnered with more recent implementations of HDMI.

I was looking to update my player to a 4K UHD model anyway so simply replaced the Pioneer player with a more up to date Panasonic UHD disc player.

The issue was not prevalent with any other sources, just the older Blu-ray player.

You could try setting the HDMI input that the player is connected to to HDCP 1.4 to see if this helps?

by default 2022-02-02 at 23.38.42.png

I've a feeling that it is more likely to be an issue with HDCP than the colour space or bit depth, but also try setting the 4K MODE. This has to be done via the ADVANCED SETUP configuresations though:

by default 2022-02-02 at 23.40.55.png
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Many thanks dante01.

I'm sorry to say that I agree w you that the older DVD hardware may be the culprit. (Not interested in replacing it just yet.) But it's odd that the new tv has the ability to handle the older DVD. Would have thought the v685 was recent enough that it too can handle older DVD hardware. Let's hope it's just a setting/config issue.

Will try both suggestions and will post the results.

Thanks again!



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If not ready to replace the player yet then you could employ eARC onboard the TV to allow you to connect the player directly to the new TV and then pass the audio through it and out to the AV receiver. This is only a practical option if the TV is eARC enabled though. If only compliant with conventional ARC then this would restrict the type of audio you can access to SD and if a new LG TV then you'd also be unable to access audio formated with DTS formats.


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Interesting...hadn't considered that setup...let alone any related restrictions. Last week I was simply trying to figure out the purpose of eARC. I read it's definition, but couldn't figure out a setup of when it would be used. Sounds like a DVD -> tv -> v685 is such a setup. Yes, the tv supports eARC (via a separate HTMI connection).

Q: how would the tv connect to the v685? It's now set up as a simple output device from the v685. If eARC were used, seems I would connect between the eARC connector on the tv and...where?...on the v685? I don't recall just now if it has it's own eARC connector like the tv. (Time to pull up the manual for the v685.)

Again, many thanks!



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The AV receiver's ARC enabled output is connected to the TV's ARC enabled input. THe BD/DVD player would be connected to one of the TV's other HDMI inputs, THe ARC enabled output and the input are labelled as such onthe AV receiver and the TV.

You'd need to turn eARC on onboard the TV and turn ARC and HDMI Control on onboard the AV receiver. You should set the TV's digital audio output setting to the PASS THROUGH option and not the PCM option.

eARC is an anhancec form of ARC that can convey HD fotmatted audio as well as multichannel PCM. Conventional ARC is limited to SD formatted audio and just 2 channel PCM. Both ARC and eARC repurpose the HDMI connection from an AV receiver to a TV to allow the TV to output audio to the AV receiver via that connection if and when required.


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Thanks again for your post dante01...it's helpful!

In follow up to your earlier suggestions:

1) HDCP version to 1.4: I changed the version to 1.4 from Auto. No help.
2) I confirmed on the Advanced Settings menu that the v685 was set to 4K Mode 1.

I also:

3) found a Blu-Ray disk and tried it. No help.
4) confirmed video processing was on Direct (removing all v685 processing)..it was/has been all along.

I quickly searched for the DVD player model# and found it's from 2010...12+ years old! (Where's the time go?!) If My DVD disk library were larger, I'd continue to run this issue down (or get a new player). Since the library is not large, I may simply do a direct connect of the DVD to the TV and bypass the v685. Then, on a future weekend project, try to get the eARC connected to route the DVD sound into the v685 via the TV. (Thanks for your clarifying comments dante01!)

I welcome any further thoughts...but until then, thanks (dante01) for your suggestions! If I should run into a resolution, I'll update this post.



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