Yamaha V 581- Hissing noise from the tweeters

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by and7, Nov 23, 2017.

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    I recently bought Yamaha RXV 581 AV receiver. While i was listening to music (with musiccast) at high volume, about -10db i paused the song. Then i heard it for the first time. It is a hissing sound like the radio noise. I could hear it from the tweeters of both my front speakers. The Noise goes up and down with volume. Don't think i can hear it while the receiver is playing something. When i pause a song or a movie and turn the volume near reference levels i can clearly hear the noise about 1 m. away from the tweeters. HDMI 1 (ps4) when it is selected with the the ps4 off i can not hear anything at 0db. When i boot my ps4, when the receiver says PCM, DTS or DOLBY the noise is back. If i go to a menu that there is no sound at all and i turn the volume up to 0db i can hear the noise louder than ever not only at the tweeters this time but to all drivers! At 0db i can hear it clearly 2.5m away, at -10db i have to put my ear near the tweeter in order to hear it At -20 it is there , -25 or lower i do not think i can hear it! I Unpluged the av and the speakers, moved the av with a speaker to an empty room with no other electronics connected around. I plugged the av just with the one speaker connected. When i booted the av, i choose a mode that there was nothing connected there, like usb, i turn the volume at 0db and the noise is back, then i selected AUX, bluetooth etc and the noise was still there. When i selected HDMI 1-4 and AV 1 i could not hear the noise but as i said when i connect something to the hdmi port the noise is audiable to that source too. It is louder with enhancer on and weaker when i select the direct mode. Is it a problem with my AV? or is something common with the receivers? Problem is i dont know if the noisy soud is there while the av is playing something and if it is there how much does it change the quality of the sound! It is not something that somebody can hear easily if dont know about it but it is there, i always test it and it is very irritating for me! I cant relax and enjoy my new system!

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