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Yamaha TSS-15/Onkyo HTP-330/Other?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by Stoofa, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Stoofa

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    Jun 6, 2005
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    Cambridge, UK
    OK - I'll give things another quick go to see if there is anyone willing to make any suggestions.
    I'm not looking to spend many hundreds of pounds here so I know that will stop a lot of you reading any further let alone posting a reply.
    Just hope somebody has been in the same situation as me and can offer some advice.

    As per a post a while back I'm looking for a budget 5.1 setup to replace what was purchased from a supermarket some 18 months ago.
    I'm not looking to spend the earth, in fact I'm looking to spend as little as possible.
    I am happy with my current cheap setup - the upgrade from DVD Player that came with supermarket all in one system to a Pioneer 530H has forced this upgrade as the 5.1 speakers/sub use a non-generic link to the DVD Player so I need to replace them.

    Advice on other forums led me to:

    Yamaha TSS-15 - Which I seem to be able to source for around £110 all in.
    Other advice was the Onkyo HTP-330 although I've been unable to source this in the UK so far - so I don't know if the price is similar.
    If anybody knows somewhere in the UK I can get Onkyo prices from that would be very much appreciated.

    After listing two potential purchases I hope people can see what kind of thing I'm looking to purchase and the kind of price I'm looking at.
    So with that in mind if there are any other similar suggestions/recommendations I'd love to hear them.


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