Yamaha TSR-7850 - Disable Subwoofer out in Hifi "Music" mode


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Rebuilding my basement cinema / autophil room. I know this is not a simple question but I tried to find a more formal Yamaha receiver channel to ask questions but seems this is best forum I could find.

Receiver: TSR-7850
Amp: (Front R/L) Stereo Dynaco ST-120 Tube amp
Surround Speakers: Bose RedLine Minicubes
Subwoofers: pair of SW-12-Q8FR ServoSubs
DSP: MiniDSP HD2x4

I built a tube amp, and when I play music, I want it to work through the DSP, which I used REW to match room, and with Servo Subs created a "music listening" profile.

What I need: Yamaha to "stop putting signal out" on defined Scene "music". I want ONLY signal from spotify, or other souce to play for "Stereo" mode.. which it defines as two front speakers (R/L), and I have it's DSP turned off, and the connection to the MiniDSP 2x4 is via pre-out RCA. Yamaha in "music mode" should ONLY send signal out through the two cables. It does not. It continues to split signal of base down the sub out. But it is doing a terrible job of it... base is WAY too loud, and crossover is not right. I already have the profile set in the MiniDSP 2x4 to disable output to sub when in "movie mode" and let the yamaha amp do that. But when I am listening to AudioPhil music, I don't want to have to move cables, just get Yamaha to disable the sub-out.

1) is their a way to disable sub out, for a given "scene" which is "music mode" (stereo only).



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Does the Yamaha have a direct or pure direct option? In my experience that will give a full range stereo signal to left and right channels only.


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From what I see. "disable DSP" seems to be as you noted .. full range direct. And pre-out means it is line level out, so for most of music listening it is sufficient.. when I am looking for crazy quality / showcase.. I bypass the yamaha and go direct via computer direct to DSP.

My issue is "pure direct" still leaves the stupid Sub out on.... which is at some random crossover and then I can't control subs via my direct link from external DSP that is tuned in line with the stereo tube amp / speakers. That is why I want to "disable sub out" as feature option for scene "music"

My family just wants to hit three buttons: Music, Movie, Games... which Scenes gives you... but for this one shortcoming. And Yamaha support is .. well.. a bit hard to get a hold of.


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Press the PURE DIRECT button on the remote to engage or disengage the AV receiver's PURE DIRECT mode. This mode bypasses all bass management being carried out by the AV receiver and results in the full range laudio beinf sent to your passive speakers. ONly an discrete LFE channel would be sent to an active sub if this mode is engaged. THe down side is that mich of the other non essential processing is also bypassed in the mode so you'd also lose features such as the YPAO PEW room EQ filtering.

If wanting a setup that wouldn't redirect frequencies away from the left and right speakers then go into the speaker configurations and change the left and right speaker sizes from SMALL to LARGE (Full Range). THis will disengage ant associated crossovers that were set for those speakers on the AV receiver.

The AVR doesn't override or byp[ass its speaker size or crossover configurations if only engaging a stereo mode. The only time the bass management is overridden and disengaged is if you engage the PURE DIRECT mode. The only other option is to change the speaker sizes in the speaker configurations and set them to LARGE.
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I wanted to post update to the thread for posterity.

First: The receiver was not the issue.. but user configuration error. <as expected>

I sent email to yamaha support and they actually called me and walked me through my three setup issues. They were very helpful and technically able to help me.

What I am trying to do just required setting "scene" to match what I needed from the amp. So when family hits "1" (movie mode) it maps to no "standard" mode (7:2 surround), large speaker, subs on and uses DSP adjustments in the amp. Vs when I select scene "3" label music listening it has full range output to only front R/L without DSP and sub output disabled.

Hopefully this helps someone in future.


Thanks for Yamaha support...

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