Yamaha Technical help please - linking AV amps



Hello, this is my first post and am learning the ropes. I hope in future there will be questions asked that I can answer, but to start with I have a question and need some help... I am throwing a party and want to link two Yamaha AV amps together so that I can play the same sound source in two rooms. One amp is a DSP-A1 and the other is a DSP-AX1. The signal is an optical input from my computer. I have a bose acoustimass sub and satellites in each room (all borrowed) and would like to be able to alter the volume separately in each room. Any advice would be a great help. Thanks.


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Well in theory you need an optical splitter, ie a box that takes one optical input and outputs two optical outputs that are the same.

In practice I have never heard of a box like this. Try googling optical splitter or toslink splitter.
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