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Has anyone had a Yamaha YSTSW205?

It claims to go down to 23Hz and has 150 Watts, so assume it must be the best sub below £200.

What do you think, any good for the price?



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Demo it next to something from a big sub manufacturer, I have a 005 and it's alright really. Does the job for me as I very rarely listen at reference level.

Matt F

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I would take those figures with a large keg of salt. The frequency range quoted is at minus 10dB - respected manufacturers use +/-3db - REL use +/-6dB which is rather naughty, -10dB is taking the pi** and pushing marketing bullshi* to the extreme. I would expect it's +/-3dB figure to be nearer 35Hz, maybe 30Hz but certainly no lower.

Then there's the power rating - 150 watts sounds respectable enough but that's at 5ohms and I seem to remamber that they often quote at something ridiculous like 10%THD (distortion level).

IMO you'd be better off saving an extra £100 or so and going for something like an MJA Pro 50 at £299 (if space is an issue) or a Velodyne CHT10 at £325 if you have room for it.

If you can't spend more than £200 or so then have a look at what you can get second hand such as an REL Q50.


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