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Hi all.

I am in the market for a budget Yamaha soundbar. I do not want a separate subwoofer so I thought the yas101 would be most appropriate.

However, there are a few older models knocking about on eBay such as ysp900 which can be had for similar or less cash.

The question is, would I be better going for an older model within my £200 budget, or sticking with the 101??

Before anyone asks, I don't want a full surround system, and this is as much as I want to spend! :)

Many thanks



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Hello Andy,

I have a Yamaha YSP-30D which is about 3 years old now, i feel that it's a great setup when you absolutely can't have separates. I do however have my trusty old Velodyne VX-10 sub hooked up to it as without it the bass is pretty weak. Certainly not bass-less but don't expect it to be very prominent with a soundbar. I can't comment on the 900 model you have mentioned as it is older than the one I have but other than more inputs I don't believe the projection quality has changed significantly for newer models based on what I have read (not heard!), I believe my 30D was the replacement for it though so you shouldn't be dissapointed.

Certainly originally the 900 was around £800+ I think so it would be worth considering why the yas101 is significantly cheaper new. Is it simply the marketplace or is it representative of the quality? My YSP-30D is very substantial, not cheap or plasticy, very nice finish, was around £350 in a Richer Sounds deal I think.

As long as your expectations aren't way off and also your room is a decent shape for a soundbar then I'm sure a ysp-900 would be a good investment if significantly cheaper.


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