Yamaha Sound Bar vs KEF IQ setup


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Jan 9, 2010
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Hello guys and gals ,
After recently visiting a local av store i was very impressed with the Yamaha YSP 2200 sound bar and I'm tempted to swap my current setup over to this simple and small alternative .
I currently have the PIONEER VSX 919 amp setup with 2 x KEF IQ5 floorstanders , a KEF IQ60 centre speaker and MJ acoustics PRO 50 MKII sub .

The setup is shortly going to be put in a basement lounge so want to make a decision soon, before I set the KEF stuff up again .

Any suggestions from anyone with pros and cons for each option ?
That must be some soundbar if it sounds better than your current setup. Simpler setup of course though. Easiest way is to borrow it from the shop and try it out alongside the kef's. Oh and make sure you have all the connections wired right on the kef's as they should sound a lot better IMO.
In a room with four walls the YSP works very well – though as Atch123 suggests its unlikely to outperform your current kit!

Current kit – no Surrounds?

When I did my set up some 10 months ago, I seriously looked at the YSP 2200 since the wife hates speakers around the room.

I was advised that whilst Yamaha are the leaders in Soundbar technology and they sound very good in the right room, they will never out perform a 5.1 system of pretty much any budget.

In the end I went for a Sony 7.2 channel Av receiver which gave me the additional problem of finding a cabinet to fit it in, along with bluray player, PVR and HTPC but managed to keep speakers as discreet as possible.

I do still recommend the Yamaha kit though to others who dont want speakers round the room.
If you are moving your Kef set-up to another room, will that be the main place where you will watch a movie? because if there are two rooms, a cinema room and TV in a lounge then the Yamaha could fit the general purpose TV very well.
This is for the basement lounge so the main room for watching movies and sports .
In hindsight I should have run some cable for surround speakers when converting the room originally but now it's all done and freshly plastered i'm not gonna get away with surround speakers to enhance the KEF setup I have already .
How do I know that my connections are as they should be ?

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