Yamaha S795 "No Play"


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Morning all,

I have had the Yamaha S795 for a few years now, in the last few months it has stopped playing some dvd's, saying "no play". I can eventually get them to work by repeatedly ejecting and pressing skip track when the disk is going back in. This is a right pain in the @rse.

Does anyone know why this is happening or a way to fix it?

The player is regionally modified and it does it on discks from all regions.

Is it time to buy a new player ? If so this may be the start of a new thread (given I need the decoder and 5.1 analogue outputs from this machine).



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Probably due to the optic block/lens on its way out. May just be dirty, in which case whip a lens cleaner through it and see.

If it is the fault you'd be better off buying a new player due to costs.


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Thanks General.
Have tried a cleaner with no success.
Looks like I'll have to replace.

I've a budget of about £500 which will need to buy a DVD and Amp/Reciever - or a DVD with 5.1 analogue audio outs for my Yamaha rx592 amp.

Is it better to update both with something like the Marantz dv4300 (or pioneer 565) and sr5400 amp (may stretch my 500 a bit but may do it). Ideally I would like to upgrade and get the benefits of a better system - but my current kit cost the same as this so am I getting something better (with tecnology improvements in the few years I've had this kit).

Or is there a better dvd with analogue outputs which I could buy and then add a better amp in 6 months say?

Or would that be wasting my money with the rest of my kit being- viewing through a sony fx68 and listening with Mordaunt Short 902's and 903's.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I basically want to improve my system but not to the extent I am wasting money on a source that I can't see the benefit through on a 32 tv etc.
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