Yamaha RXV671 and speakers


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Been looking around, lots of reading etc at a new sound system - for 2 purposes a) music b) surround sound with TV. I also like the ability to push 2 channels to another room...

For my price range and purely reading research the ONKYO TXNR609, Pioneer vsx921 and Yamaha RXV671 seemed to fit. Or a wildcard of listening to a much cheaper sony all in one system just for av.

From pure specification on paper point of view it seems that Airplay (on the Pioneer 921) is the main differentiator - but thats probably not the most important thing - so if they all sounded the same then would pick Pioneer because of Airplay

As an aside - The last 'proper' system I bought was in the 90s, and spent quite a bit of time listening in demo rooms then (pre-kids, loads of time) - when I got a Pioneer A400, coupled with some Tannoys - and had for many years!

Anyway then ventured out to listen in shops- Sony centre, who didn’t really inspire; then Sevenoaks who were quite helpful - listened to Onkyo with 5.1 speaker system - but only for AV.

So next day popped to Richer, where they recommended from the 3 that the Yamaha rxv671 is the best option that covers music side - which seems to be backed up by my subsequent research on net etc. Although couldn’t hear the 671 :(

They also recommended that instead of going for a 5.1 speaker package to build the 5.1 myself to cater for music side... So started to listen music (local Richer doesn’t have demo room - so in shop)- on selection of speakers attached to some other amp... Listened to Monitor Audio BX2, but didn’t really do it for me personally, then Mordaunt Short Aviano 2 - which I like the sound of more, but then listened to Monitor Audio BX5 floorstanders (on another amp) which sounded great! Unfortunately then the shop had to close - at least giving me some time to mull until later in the week when I can go in next...

Anyway have any comment about the Yamaha and music / or the BX5s? any alternatives I should be looking at? I also thing the Aviano might have been better through a different amp/source.

Where I am concerned is that I am not listening to all the components on the same source, and not using an av amp - let alone the Yamaha! Of course they do offer 14 day exchange... so would I be crazy to buy this way, or do I have to find somewhere that a) has demo room, b) caters for my price bracket and c) not too snobbish

They also suggested Monitor Audio Bronze BX center, and maybe Cambridge Audio minx min10 as satellites. I haven’t even started to consider this area yet - so if anyone had pointers would be great!

Any help/pointers appreciated



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Monitor Audio speakers suit Yamaha amps quite well and I use BX5 fronts, a BX centre and a pair of BXFX speakers to the rear with my Yamaha RXV2065. I'd suggest you purchase the same brand of centre speaker from the same range as this will help maintain tonal cohesion across the front soundstage.

As well as the Yamaha I'd also suggest the Denon AVR1912 which can be had for less than the Yamaha RXV671. The Denon includes AirPlay, but lacks video upscaling (it can convert analogue inputs to HDMI though).


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I done mine the other way round, bought a set of kefs 200.5 speaker's and looking to purchase this amp, will they sound good?
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