yamaha rxv667 and b&w cm1 Question/s


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Hi, I hope this type of question has not been asked before....if so I apologise for repeating it in advance.

I have enjoyed 11 months of superb 5.1 home cinema sound with the rxv667, however I have just ordered 2 new front speakers to replace my current Wharfedale Diamond 10.2's with the Bowers & Wilkins CM1 speakers (30-100watt/84db sensitivity/8ohm).
The Wharfedale fronts have been superb but i wanted a smaller speaker with a bit more clarity and midrange primarily when using the 667 and listening to music via 2 ch stereo from my music source.

Im worried that i wont be achieving the full potential of the CM1's via the 667 without the need to add a integrated amp inbetween the music source (currently the Denon Dm37). These CM1's on paper, read to be a bit sensitive and power hungry and wonder if the 667's power output via 2 channel stereo is adequate?

I realise i need to purchase a more powerful music source to improve sound overall however can the 667 handle/improve the sound initially without need for an integrated amp?

Im sure i'll be fine with whatever the 667 can feed to the CM's in home cinema mode as not too fussy, its when i play music thats my ultimate concern.



Im happy to look for a cheap secondhand £100 integrated amp from fleabay if this improves quality to the fronts (and BK Gemini sub), I realise my Denon is also a weak link and will be replaced by seperates next year. I just wonder if it would be a waste of time buying the integrated amp before i do go down the seperates path!

Many thanks in advance, John


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You are right in thinking that the CMs need a better amp than the 667 to drive them to their full potential. However, before buying anything else I would try them with your set up to see how they sound as they may be acceptable to you.
Also have you ordered the matching CM centre too? You really want the front 3 to be the same make/model so that they match tonally and give a well integrated front soundstage.


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Thanks for speedy reply, yes i agree about the centre matching, im hoping i can get away with the Wharfedale 10cm while in "home cinema mode" :).
Im collecting the B&W's tomorrow so will run them in for few days and see how they sound on their own with just the music. I guess if they sound flat and poor at higher volumes then an integrated is the way to go, Although quality is more important than quantity at my age nowadays :D


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Although the avr specs say it can push 125watts at 8ohms according to its "dynamic power per channel"....im still to be convinced until i hear them!:)


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Well the Wharfedale 10.2's are assigned to the attic :)..... the CM1's are fantastic improvement even tho not run in yet. The 667 handles them superbly and i can deffo hear things i didnt hear before esp mid and high end sounds. The clarity is awesome and bass is subtle and focused, not overpowering and blurred throughout the range like the 10.2's were, plus the BK sub blend in to them superbly (when required).

The Cm's are currently bi-amped on the 667 and although ive lost my zone 2 capability (was used for xbox sound when playing music)and are passive (cant afford a good active amp ..yet).
I have purchased a cheap cambridge audio 5 integrated amp (£40) purely to allow me to tinker with more power and allow me to return to 5.1 with zone 2, i shall be using the pre outs on the 667, I have yet to try it.

So far i am more than satisfied with the speaker improvements and pleasantly surprised that the Yammy can power these fussy speakers without much fuss. :smashin:
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