Yamaha RXV640 - Suitable speakers?


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Hi All

Looking to buy the Yamaha RXV640 amp but not really sure as to what speakers to got for...any suggestions? The spilt between movies and music would be 60% movie and 40% music.

Not really sure what to go for except for knowing that they have to be "wife friendly"...ie. a sub/sat package that must be silver in colour.

Thanks in advance...


Just bought the RX-V640 myself and got it paired with Tannoy FX5.1 speaker package. Although I couldn't compare them with any other (didn't get any demos) I am over the moon with their looks and performance. And yes , I have it on good authority from the other half that they are "Wife Friendly"! :lesson:

I bought them after a bit of research on the web and this site from Richer Sounds for about £180 (web price at that time). I think they are about £200 now.


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wharfedale cinema 8.1 is another option. They are around £270. Thats what i plan to get for my yammy '630.


Zeenokam - Ive got a Yam 640 and have just taken delivery of 6 Kef Q1's possibly the best looking speakers around at the minute ( imho - ok but most people have to admit there damn good on the eye ) and should be wife friendly. I got a Maple set - So nice wood finish, Silver Grills and they sound great. I paid £525 for a set of 6.

They will definatley be better than ANY Sat/Sub system for Music and due ot the Uni Q drivers are impressive at multicahnnel movies too.

Again i cant compare the sound to much else ( Apart from Kef Eggs - which i was not impressed with ). Worth taking a look to get the "wifes" approval ;-)



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