Yamaha RXV630 + NAD C370



I am about to buy a C370 Integrated to hook up to my Yamaha RXV630 to drive the front main speakers. Although I liked movies, I also love to listen to good music.

I am sure someone have done this before and would very like to hear their views on how to set it up and any pitfalls.

Thanks in advance.


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I use a Marantz PM66 KI Sig. to drive the front channels on my Yamaha AX620, as I find the Yamaha to be very poor in stereo .

Set up is simple enough, use any line level input, volume on the Marantz is just below 12 o'clock. Use a SPL meter to balance the levels.

I also tried my Audiolab 8000A, but found the Marantz to be a better match tonally for the Yamaha - perhaps it would be wise to try the C370 with your Yamaha before you buy.

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