Yamaha RXV585 lip sync issue


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I have a minor lip sync problem when playing videos from my Plex Media Server on my Samsung NU8070 with audio going via my Yamaha RX585. It's probably only about 100-200ms but it's enough to annoy me anyway.

There's no sync problem at all if I play the audio through the TV speakers, so it's something to do with the RX585.

Adjusting the lip sync settings on the RX585 doesn't make any difference at all, although it does when I watch anything through my Sky box.

Any ideas why lip sync settings are ignored when playing via Plex Media Server? Is there anything I can do about it?



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Would you have a different HDMI lead (or leads) you could try? Or just swap around the ones you have?

In the past the only thing I could do to correct lip sync was to put in a new HDMI lead as nothing else worked - I have no explanation for you as to why?

Having just changed our PJ (the old one blew up!) I am now battling lip sync issues, only through the PJ (TV is fine) and only on 24p material from my BR player (all was fine on the old PJ!) ? Assume there may be some sort of weird incompatibility issue either between components or leads as the PS3 plays through at 24p no issue?

Good luck and let me know how you get on?

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