Yamaha RXV467: Using the remote with Virgin Media HD box


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I have recently bought a Yamaha RXV467 receiver and I am in the process of setting the remote to control my other bits of kit.

However, I cannot find a code to set it up to control my Virgin Media HD box. It is one of the Cisco ones (not V+) and is not listed on the instruction manual CD.

Does anyone have any idea what the code my be - I would be very grateful for any help, as I am trying to reduce my remote controls down to one.



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Although this will not help with your question I would suggest getting a proper all in one remote instead of trying to code the Yamaha one. A Logitech harmony remote will be much simpler to set up and are a doodle to use as well. They also offer a lot more functionality than the Yamaha remote will. They are some of the best all in one remotes I have used and with prices starting from £30 on places like amazon they are not even that expensive. Even my 4 year old son and technophobe mother can use them.


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Thanks for the reply. In the long term I may end up getting an all in one remote, but for now I just want to be able to change channels on the cable box and turn it on and off. I have set up my TV and Blu-ray player so that I can use the basic functions and I doubt I would need any more than that.

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