Yamaha RXV359 problem


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Apr 18, 2005
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I have got an Yamaha RXV359.

Now this is only a small problem but its annoying none the less.

When i use a source with only 2 channel stereo into the amp i get no sound really. There is somthing going on, the amp shows the source is just 2 channel stereo (front left and right speakers displayed)

I have to select one of the dolby pro logic profiles to get sound.

Surely there is a way just to be able to use the 2 channel stereo!?
your post makes no sense.
if you feed it a stereo source,you will get stereo out of the speakers,left and right..possibly the sub,but thats beside the point.
if you feed it a stereo source(left and right),you WILL have to pick a sound effect that will allow you to use all the speakers,as you are only feeding it left and right..no more.!
so you will have to pick something like a matrix effect that will send the stereo feed to the front and rear speakers.
if you only want to use the front left and right speakers,with a stereo source,then either set it up correctly,according to the manual,as it should tell you what effects are for what purpose.
or turn up the output of the speakers..or the volume.
Another thing to bear in mind is that a stereo source as already stated will give a stereo output only unless you select something else. BUT also if you have small speakers have you told the Yamaha that this is the case, if you do not a stereo source will not have the support of the sub.
By setting the speakers to small the AV amp will direct all frequencies below what the LFE is set to off to the SUB.
Yer thats what happends, the sub turns it self on and starts making some noise.

Its not i want surround sound, I have hooked my wii up to the amp and you have to select a sound effect to get sound full stop. Not thats a problem but im just trying to figure how to get just the front left and right speakers and not the whole lot.
If the speakers on the AV unit are set to small then the sub will always come into play. There should be a setting "Stereo", to get the front speakers only working.

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