Yamaha RXV359, Discrete Inputs and Bass Crossover


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I have a Yamaha RXV359 amp and have just hooked up my PC to it via the 5.1 discrete inputs (just running a Creative Audigy 5.1 card). For any sources that have a 5.1 soundtrack (i.e. movies/DVD's) then all is right in the world. All 5.1 channels are sounding fine.

The problem is when I play a non 5.1 source (MP3, CD, game) - I don't get anything out of the sub.

Now this is a known problem with the Audigy cards and altering the bass redirection setting don't make a blind bit of difference. The card simply doesn't output an audible sub signal for non 5.1 sources hence my music/games sound horrible and tinny.

So my question is this. Previously I had my PC connected via L/R phones and had my amp running in Dolby PL II mode. No matter the source I got a lovely, full, rich and more importantly, bass full sound. So obviously some form of crossover is being applied at this point.

I'm assuming that when using the discrete inputs, no crossover is applied at all and thus if no sub signal is sent, the amp won't output to the sub. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance for any advice or answers.

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