Yamaha RXV2065/Sevenoaks offer question


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Just dipping into the HD audio market to replace my reciever and was hoping for some opinions on both the Yamaha RXV2065 and DSPZ7. The later is over budget but the offer at Sevenoaks is tempting my flexible friend...

Sevenoaks 2010 promotion - home cinema news - whathifi.com

I have an exisiting B&W 600 series 5.1 package, Sony PS3 and SKY HD and am replacing an old Denon AVCA10.

They also have the Sony STRDA5400ES at a competitive price and although I wasn't considering this should I be?

Any feedback would be useful but I need to make a decision this week!



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The Z7 has to be tempting at £1300; at it's recent price of £1500 it was a bargain.

Don't forget that there is the 3900 at £950 from several sources that sits between the 2065 and Z7. But, a Z7 for £1300....
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The Z7 does appear to offer the better sound quality I'm looking for, especially with music. As far as price goes I've shopped at sevenoaks previoulsy and they've always been very helpful so don't mind paying a bit extra if I get support if/when I need it. Plus Tyson not exactly local.

I'm now also tempted by a dedicated Blu-Ray, Panasonic DMPBD60 is also listed there at £139 and has to be better than my PS3?

What's a budget for other than blowing...


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FWIW, I Bought my Z7 this time last year for £1700 and thought this was reasonable.

If you bought a 3900 and saved £350 instead of getting the Z7 for £1300, how long before you started thinking...."Dam, I should of got the Z7"? :devil:

Maybe, you wouldn't and therefore the 3900's a great option for you?

Like you said though, budget's are there to be blown and I've only seen one Z7 going for that money and that was used in the classifieds:eek:

I too started out with one budget in mind but if you like your music and only want one-box doing amplification duties then at that money the Z7's a good option IMHO.


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I've been looking at the Z7 offer as well but I have also seen that in the US, the Z11 is now being sold for only $2500. This makes me wonder if the same is going to happen here, and if it means there is a replacement for either the Z11 or Z7 coming soon.

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