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Hi i tried putting my xbox through my yammy (s-vid-->s-vid) but the picture was black and white. i couldnt change it so gave up. the manual says something about copy protection, is this what it would have been? If so, how would that effect a dvd (or anything else for that matter) output via component? i may be getting an LCD and would want to route all video through the amp via component out ot LCD. Any ideas? Cheers.


I run my xbox with the davnaced pack through to my Yammiw 1500 using svideo then to my tv using component. The yammie upconverts to component. I haven't tried playing a dvd movie through the xbox cause i have a 5 disc dvd changer. I have used the Media Center 2005 DVD in my xbox as an extender with no problems. The picture is crisp and clear. Not sure what type of problem you may be having. Did you purchase the advanced HD pack?


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i dont think so no. all i bought was the joytech advanced cable that does have a s-video temination too.
i just picked up a tevion LCD and for the money its fantastic. i want to plud everything into the amp then component into the LCD eventually.
I remember a post about splinter cell and modding the dashboard i'll try to find that.
THIS IS NOT JUST AN XBOX ISSUE THOUGH. Well it is as thats all i tried. i will try the dvd tomorrow if poss, and see if that does anything.
i bought mine from Germany but i am sure that doesnt make a differnce?!


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s.video showing in black and white is typically caused by trying to pass an RGB signal down an s.video cable.

Have you checked that your xbox is set up to send an s.video signal? (sorry I am not an xbox owner so dont know the options but this would be my initial hunch)


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i didnt know that but couldnt find a way in the dashboard to change the output to anything?! maybe because i had the RGB Scart cable thing it automatically does it?!
on a nother not ei tried chucking an s-video signal from my DVD through scart (fully wired) to the LCD and had the same results. Is that normal too - wrong cable scart cant 'do' s-video?
Anyone got any ideas?


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the main problem is that s.video is a format not just a socket type. So whilst you can buy a scart -> s.video socket cable you have to ensure that the scart socket can also output an s.video signal otherwise you will end up with a black and white picture.

Likewise if your cable is the other way round (s.video -> scart) you need to ensure that the scart socket you are plugging it into can accept s.video and not just the normal composite or RGB otherwise, yes you guessed it, black and white picture.

It is possible to buy signal convertors (though by traditional thinking RGB is considered better picture quality than S.Video) and it does annoy me with these cables on sale without any 'warning' that by just plugging in a s.video->scart cable that it will not necessarily work without sockets that support the formats (not just the shape)

I cant comment further on your xbox problems as I am not a proud owner and so not up on their settings nor accessaries.


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To get S-video from the Xbox you need a dedicated Xbox S-video cable. The Xbox can only output 4 video signals at once, meaning it must switch the kinds of signal sent out depending on what type cable it detects. When using an RGB cable the Xbox switches to output the three signals of RGB, plus composite video.

Using a dedicated S-video cable keeps the Xbox from switching into one of its other output modes, and is the only way to get a raw S-video signal from it. To the best of my knowledge, Microsoft themselves do not sell S-video cables on the European market, so you'd have to get a third party one. I can't guarantee that it works with a European Xbox though, it depends on whether S-video output is active or not. I can't see any reason they would disable it, but one never knows.


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I have a similar problem. Taking the composite video (cv) from xbox to Yamaha, then cv from Yamaha to TV gives a b&w picture, but the cv straight from xbox to TV is colour, so the problem is not the xbox. The menus from the Yamaha 2500 are also monochrome through the cv lead. Haven't found a fix yet. :rolleyes:


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interesting. i wonder if it only up converts and not passes through. Looked at the pdf manual and it says this-(copy and pasted so no typos from me) :)

Video conversion V CONV.
Use this feature to turn on/off conversion of composite
(VIDEO) signals to both S-video and component signals.
This allows you to output converted video signals from the
S VIDEO or COMPONENT VIDEO jacks when no
S-video or component signals are input. This feature also
converts S-video signals to component signals when no
component signals are input.
Choices: ON, OFF
• Select “OFF” not to convert any signals.
• Select “ON” to convert composite signals to S-video
and component signals, and to convert S-video signals
to component signals.
• Converted video signals are only output to the MONITOR OUT
jacks. When recording you must make the same type of video
connections (composite or S-video) between each component.
• When converting composite video or S-video signals from a
VCR to component video signals, the picture quality may suffer
depending on your VCR.

Use this feature to turn on/off OSD output to the
using SET MENU, the test tone or the parameter
Choices: ON, OFF
• Select “ON” to output the OSD signals from
• Select “OFF” if you do not want to output the OSD

So it looks like it only up converts, then only if the higher connection is not input into the amp? thats my understanding of it! Not as it seems to be displayed in the manual if this is the case.

On the bright side, the OSD seems like it just needs to be turned on!


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I'm running my Xbox through a Yam 1500 with svhs lead, the signal passes through with no problems. The lead is a Joytech RGB scart & svhs, it has got an optical output on it as well. The xbox is set on widescreen with pal 60 switch on. The amp is set with video conversion on & is connected to the TV with svhs-svhs lead.
Is your tv input set to svhs?


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Thats the exact same lead i have and was using. i tried a s-vid to s-vid (with scart adaptor switched to s-vid) into tscart 2 which accepts s-vid. On reflection it may need changing to accept it. i am going to try again tonight. I also need to know as i may want to put my freeview through the yammy as well using s-vid if poss. The rgb on the lcd i got seems pretty bad and wouldnt be enough. the lcd is still on trial for a few days so i can get my money back still if necessary. if i take it back i will be bypassing the yammy all together!


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Do you get a proper image from the Xbox if you connect it directly to the TV via S-video?

I don't know how Joytech designed the cable, but the Xbox cannot natively output RGB and S-video at the same time. So, Joytech must have built in some form of detection to send different status signals to the Xbox depending on which of the connectors you use (or is there a switch on it?). If the cable for some reason switches the Xbox into RGB mode, you'll get composite video and the red output down the S-video cable, which in some cases produces a b/w image.


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i tested it quickly on the lcd and yes the cable works. the lcd has now gone back so not really an issue now!! Still gonna try it though as i prefer the osd in stad of looking at the display panel!

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