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Hi I am thinking of buying yamaha rxv471, its spec states it is:
5 channel
105w x 5 total=525w
(6 ohms. 1khz, 0.9%thd, 1ch driven)

From what i understand is that is 105w is the max peak output per channel (speaker) if running speakers rated at 6 Ohms. Therefore if running speakers rated at 8 ohms i would imagine the output to change Please can anyone confirm or correct me if im wrong.

I understand that the av receiver can work ok with speakers rated at 6 or 8 ohms. What im trying to acheive by asking these questions is an understanding so i can find a closet match speaker to my avr.

I have some mission speakers, 73c for centre, 2 x 73 for rears & 2 x 731 for fronts but no subwoofer if i was to buy i was looking at the ms8 roughly £180. The mission speakers i have are all rated 8 ohms and the avr spec (listed at top of post) gave the watts based upon 6 ohms.

Now the only thing is i want to get the closest match speaker to avr wise, which would give me a closer match

option 1.I would need to buy a ms8 sub £180 to complete the setup but i would have 8 ohms speakers running with the avr so trying to match the speaker watts to the avr watts is impossible, unless some one can educate. so i cannot match the watts to avr

option 2. Buying a new speaker 5.1 package rated at 6 ohms and being able to match the speaker watts to the avr

rx v671 is another av amp im looking at. as it 8 ohms rating power listed so i thought it would go well with the missions i have which are 8 ohms. so easier to match the watts also nice excuse for the upgrade. However the spec states is a

7 channel
150w x 7 total 1050w
(4 ohms, 1khz, 0.9%thd, 1 ch driven)

90w x 7 total 630w
(8 ohms, 20 hz - 20 khx, 0.09%thd, 2 ch driven)

I assume there is 2 power specs because running speakers which are 4 ohms demand more power than the 8 ohms speakers would.
if this 7 ch av receiver is used on a 5 .1 speaker setup what happens to the watts on the 2 unused channels eg 90w x 7 but if only using
90w x 5 what about the rest?

If some one could please advise or share some knowledge then i would be very grateful, thanks for your time
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Answering your questions in order:

Different impedance speakers alter the power available. 8 ohm speakers will reduce the available power in a 6 ohm system. Maximum power is available when the impedance of the speaker matches the amp output impedance. You will probably not notice the power loss, unless you are going to run at full power.

There are two power specs for the reason stated above. The amp can drive 4 ohm speakers - increasing the speaker impedance to 8 ohms means reduced power available.
The amp is probably configurable for 5.1 and may be used to bi-amp the front speakers - download the manual and check. I am sure someone on the forum will know if not.

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