Yamaha rxv-1400rds




I recently upgraded from a yamaha dspa2, which i could sell for 65 procent of the yamaha 1400, to the new yamaha 1400 rds.
I hooked it up with my (old) kef reference 2 speakers and was surprised that it sounded very good in stereo with my thule 150b as cd source.
However, I keep wondering what i can do to improve the stereo performance at a budget.
I wanted to buy a thule ia 350b, a 5 x 150 w integtated amp, but it costs 3500 usd while the yamaha costs 790 usd. Also other brands are very expensive for combined high fidelity av setups while a decent stereo amp is less expensive.
Is adding a poweramp or an integrated an option or should i stick with the current setup for some years and buy these very expensive av amps.

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