yamaha rxsl80 scart passthrough prob


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Hi all,

I've hooked up my freeview box to my dvd recorder's scart input and then conencted the dvd recorder's scart output to my rxsl80 amp's scart input. The amp is then hooked up to my TV via the amp's scart output. This all works flawlessly until I take the amp out of standby at which point the amp seems to override the picture signal and a blank screen is displayed on my TV. I've contacted Yamaha and the answer they gave was this: -

The SCART terminals on the SL80 are auto switch and infact, the same
terminal (one is the in part and one the out). When the unit is off, the
signal will pas through, when on, this could be prevented as they are now
both the same connection.

I would suggest keeping the picture signal away from the SL80 where
possible to avoid auto switching conflicts.


Yamaha Technical

Does this actually ring true? If this is the case then why have scart passthrough on the amp in the first place. I want to use the amp to process the digital audio from the dvd recorder. At the moment I can hear it (sounds nice) but I can't see it. Does anybody have any suggestions to get around this? I don't want to replace the amp, it's not that old and it sounds good to me.

Hope someone can help or shed some light on this matter for me.




Sounds plausable, SCART is a horrible connection and can auto switch and generaly do thigs you do not want it to do. The amp you have is the slim one isn't it? If so, has very little to offer in the way of video switching so I would take their advise and just use it for audio - using no SACRT to SCART cables where possible.

People often wonder why SCART connectors are not used on AV amps, well this suggests one reason why - horrible connection, should be banned!


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I'm beginning to agree - it just seems ridiculous to have a scart input to the amp if that is what happens. Not to worry tho, I have 3 scart ins on the back of my TV.

Thanks for the quick reply by the way, I just needed confirmation.

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