Yamaha RXA3080 or Arcam AVR10??? Also speaker location


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Hi all I posted I was looking at a few amps well I’ve demoed quite a few to day and basically I think I need to spend some money, I know for a lot of people on here paying out thousands is no big deal but for me at this point it is. I have had two Yamaha and the current one is an RXV673 which I still find great for music but not for films.
I think I’ve got it down to two the Yamaha 3080 which I really liked the sound of and has lots channels and feature, the reviews aren’t brilliant but are pretty good and now it’s taken a big price drop at £1600 so now the reviews may be even better? The other one is the Arcam AVR10 which as a brand I know is better than the Yamaha, as it’s one of the new kids on the block I can’t really find any independent reviews, it’s £2300 so yet another £700, with a lot less channels also sounded really good but may be not quite as good I couldn’t make my mind up.
I don’t want to get It wrong, I can’t afford to. My current speakers are QAcoustic floors at the front With the matching Center and a set of Kef eggs and a Kef sub as surrounds and rear. These will get upgraded if required at a later date.

My second question is I am using a set of Kef eggs for my surround but after having my demos today there were no surround speakers just a set of highs about a meter in front of the seating area which acted as highs then as Atmos they sounded great in that position and it got me thinking may be my surround could be better positioned what are people’s views on this?

Thanks in advance

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AVR - tricky to organise but ideally you would organise a home trial. If the outgoing Yamaha does everything you require and sounds good then it is a good option.

Surround speakers - the position of the 'base' 5.1 Surrounds may need to alter (lower) if you do want to add Overhead channels to a conventional system.

Atmos - there are many 'layout' options to suit your room and kit, Speaker Setup Guides

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