Question Yamaha rxa-3050 v Denon AVR-X4500H


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Hi anyone tell me if this is an upgrade, downgrade side grade, thinking about part exchanging my 3050 for the denon DV and HLG pass through being the main reasons, using MA speakers ?


Downgrade. The tier competitor to the 3050 would be the AVC X6500 or newer AVC X6700. You will experience a fair drop in headroom from the 3050 to the X4500. The X6500 is still lower but a lot closer than the X4500. Personally I find the signatures of both makes to be quite close and would be happy with either. The Denon certainly has the better room EQ in Audyssey XT32 plus the App for fine tuning.


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Power on the denons are better though and so are pre outs and as said Denon better room eq


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thanks for the replies can i ask if there is anything missing on the Denon that is on the Yamaha, also i live in a flat so don't crank the volume up

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