Yamaha rx-v767 IR receiver (diode) not working


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Hi all,

I am new to this forum. Recently I bought a second-hand Yamaha RX-V767 amplifier with remote (RAV344L) and everything worked like a charm.
After a few weeks, the amplifier's IR receiver stopped working so I am not unable to access the "on screen" menu (and do all the things you can do exclusively with the remote).
I am sure the remote is working since I'm successfully controlling my TV (sony bravia) with it.

I tried to change batteries / resetting the unit (buttons Tone + Info + Standby) / setting the correct ID of the remote (ID 1, code 5019) but it is surely a matter of IR diode on the receiver side.

So, some questions:

- is there any way to reach the "On screen" menu on the receiver, without the use of the remote? And, if so, how to navigate in the menu?
- does anyone of you had the same problem, did someone fix (changed) the front IR receiver diode?
- does someone successfully made use of the mono-jack IR IN port with an external (supposed to be 5v or 12v powered) IR receiver?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


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Your trouble shooting steps seem pretty good so far, the only thing I'd add is to use a digital camera to check the remote is working in amp mode, you can see the IR as a green glow through a digital camera.

I've used one of these cheap USB powered IR extenders

along with a 3.5mm mono plug to mono plug lead in place of the small blasters and plugged into the IR in port on my Denon AVR.

I actually planned to use the blasters but on a whim tried plugging it in, in hindsight it was possibly foolish not knowing if it was going to work or even cause issues but to my surprise it worked perfectly.
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