yamaha rx-v750, htr-5760, or denon avr2803

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by zeroblue6, May 23, 2004.

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    ive been looking for some time for a receiver. i bought a yamaha rxv740 and when we brought it home it was dysfunctional. so we tried to exchange but it was out of stock. we are now wondering what we should get with 400to 600$ american. we went to best buy and all they had were the HTRs and the guy said something about the 5790 being able to have on audio and one video out so you dont have to cycle and he said the 5760 didnt. i checked on the rxv750 and i think it does what the htr5790 does. im not too sure. i want the denon personally but my family doesnt. they think they will only be paying for the name. can it do what the htr5790 can supposedly do? current setup waiting for the reciever is SPEAKERS: velodyne deco system 5.1, DVD: yamaha c740 5 dvd changer (progr scan i think), TV: sony kf-50we610 50" lcd rear proj hd ready. we also have a vcr and the cables needed to hook everything up. thanks for any help

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