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First post here. I've done as much research as I can handle without finding actual answers, so now I'm bugging y'all with fingers crossed.

What I'm trying to do I didn't think would be so $#@+)(-&$# complicated and "should" just be a plug n play thing.

TV = Samsung UN50NU7090
Yamaha RX-v685

HDMI connected to ARC ports on both devices

This has worked fine to my knowledge. I turn on the TV and it automatically powers on the receiver and goes to the correct input. Fabulous.

I want to be able to hook up an external device (PC) with HDMI so that video will go to TV and audio via receiver speakers. I've temporarily bypassed this by connecting the PC directly to the TV's only other HDMI port, but this is not a permanent solution that I want (and I'm pretty sure I paid enough that I should not have to do this) and because I have another device I want to connect to that second HDMI port (it only has 2 HDMI ports).

When I started, it would only show the PC video with no audio. I attempted as many power on/of sequences as possible. I have hooked it up to both the HDMI 1 and 2 slots. When it recognizes it there, the receiver displays "9xxxx". Then it works stop displaying "on screen settings" on the TV for some unknown reason.

So I FACTORY RESET it and powered it on with the PC on and connected to HDMI port 1 and the ARC connected to TV. Well, then it started sending both video and audio from PC correctly.... BUT, it stopped being able to output audio from the TV...?

FACTORY RESET again with PC HDMI disconnected. After testing and confirming TV sound works again (reactivating ARC), I try HDMI 2 (just in case HDMI 1 has some sort of shared wiring)... BUT, PC now has only sound and no video!?!? Oh, and it won't display "On-screen settings" anymore... again.

I don't understand why this is happening (and I feel like it's ridiculous one has to be an AV expert to do something like this that I consider a common scenario and simple function for a device in this range).

Please help! I'm already searching for replacements it's that frustrating. It also doesn't help that sound randomly cuts out when watching movies and it randomly turns itself off sometimes (as it just did while writing this, but it's not hot. 85 degrees Fahrenheit per laser temp gun).... Yamaha customer service is AMAZING, but so far I'm much less impressed with their products (this is already the factory replacement for the v681 that had malfunctioning Zone 2).

Please let me know what other information you may need to help resolve this.

ARC and CEC is activated on TV and receiver.

I have toggled through the "HDMI OUT" button on the remote to achieve the above results.

Thank you for your time.


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The problem is the pc when using Arc the tv doesn't play sound you have to turn the stereo off. If you plug the pc into the stereo your limited to 60hz but have to change the output in the pc.when you factory reset you make changes that were already set for you so you have to pick your display output on the Yamaha I plug cable into tv hdmi 1, and arc which is hdmi 2 on my Samsung that only has two out ports best course of action is to plug what's more important to you on tv-hdmi arc, so you can still you pass through on stereo. Hope that helps if you didn't already do it your not the first I had the same problem. Goodluck!!!


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What type of audio are you attempting to stream from the PC, through the TV and out to the AV receiver. ARC is limited to 3.1 SD formats or PCM consisting of no more than 2 channels. If wanting to convey HD foprmatted audio or multichannel PCM then you'd need eARC (enhanced). Your AV receiver is eARC enabled, but as far as I know your TV isn't.

There are types of audio that cannot be passed thrpgh your TV and out to the AV receiver using ARC.

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