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Hi all,

I am very new to this. I have a weird problem with my RX-V685. I bought this unit brand new from Australia in 2018 since it was not available in my country. I brought it home and fixed it to my cinema system with 7.2 speaker setup. It was working like a dream till 2019 September. Love the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sounds coming out of this unit. On September 2019, I had to go to Philippines for my wedding. I unplugged everything and the unit from wall socket and went away. Nothing is plugged, even my cable setup box was disconnected. October I came back home. Plugged everything up, everything seems to work just fine. However, after two days, suddenly i saw the VFD display on the unit was doing funny things. The wordings was not clear, its like some weird computer codes coming up on the display. So I turned the unit off and unplugged. Waited for 2 minutes and plugged it back on. Red power light comes on as usual, i switched it on, red LED turned off and no VFD display anymore. I hear the relay clicking and the sound is coming. Everything works just fine but no display on the unit. Every part of the unit works 100% without the VFD. So until i take the unit for repairs, i was using it as it was. Then i noticed, sometimes the VFD comes on with the same weird ASCII language which makes no sense at all. Very rarely the correct display comes on as all the info is correct. However, it i turn off the unit and turn it back on, no display again. Even though there is no display, i can still see the VFD filament coils are on (if i look very closely) so i know the VFD is getting power. I took this to the Yamaha agents in my country, they were quite surprised as this was a brand new unit for them as they just got in the stocks. I do not have warranty since i purchased this from another country. They looked at it and told me the digital board has to be replaced and it would cost me around 150 USD. But, they said they don't have the parts and it would take around 2 months to get the parts ordered. I didn't want to wait that long without a av system in my cinema since movies are my life. Anyone has any idea what could be the problem? will it be simple enough to so could do the repair myself. I examined the digital PCB, i notice that there are so many surface mount caps. I know through my experience that those are just ticking time bombs and always a good idea to replace them. Has anyone had this issue with this unit? can someone give me some pointers if i can do this job (i have a fair knowledge of electronics). Please help. Thank you so much.
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