Yamaha rx-v685 & Q80T issues


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Hey everyone I've been having nothing but issues with this set up now since buying the Q80T last year.

The issues have got progressively worse and I'm now at a point where I cannot work out what to do. The issue originally was that the Q80T was forcing the receiver into some bizarre standby when you turn the TV off. I have HDMI 1 out going to the Q80T and HDMI 2 out going to the dining room from the 685.

If I turn the Q80T off you hear a click from the TV and the receiver audio signal drops. On the receiver it just flashes red in the corner and no signal goes to HDMI 2 out. I have to have the TV on to watch in the dining room, defeating the whole object of having pass-through set.

Another issue I have is it randomly turns the receiver on for no reason. Changes ports and doesn't put audio out unless I power on and off.

Since then the issues have amplified (no pun) to where now, when I turn the TV off and back on it is forcing my receiver to choose a HDMI in that doesn't have a device linked. It goes to HDMI 1 in standby. I see this by powering the 685 on and it shows that source as what's been changed to.

So in HDMI 2 in I have Sky Q, HDMI 3 I have my Shield, HDMI 4 I have my Blu-ray player. I'll turn the Sky Q off, TV off and when I come to turn back on its changed the HDMI input to HDMI 1 in. I have to turn the receiver on and change the HDMI source to 2 to get sky to come on. I generally only have the receiver on when watching films. I rely on standby pass-through so I can just watch without powering on.

Now I have to have Anynet+ on for Atmos support on the TV. I have it set to auto in sound. On the receiver I have to have HDMI control on because without it I have no HDMI support, however, toggling these makes zero difference to the above. With all control off and Anynet+ off it still puts the 685 into standby, changes the source and drops audio signal. The only difference is with them turned off that I get no Atmos support no more, which seems to be the only thing recognised by the TV as off.

It's driving me up the wall. Samsung are useless, I've had other issues with the TV but Yamaha cannot for the life of them suss why the TV is able to control the Receiver like this. They have said the blocking of HDMI 2 out isn't even a feature of their TV and cannot understand how, when, Sky Q is directly into port 2 it is blocking signal to HDMI 2 out.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


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The AV receiver's 2 outputs are simply mirrors of one another. You cannot facilitate a second HDMI zone using these outputs.

If doing as you appear to have done then the audio capabilities of the second room TV willl dicatate what audio you can access via an HDMI source connected to the AV receiver. This would be the case whether using the AVR to handle the signal relative to the main room TV or the second room TV.

The strange standby status behaviour will more than likely be as a result of HDMI CEC (Control). If engaged then HDMI CEC will synchronise the standby status of the TV connected to the main output with the AV receiver and put the AV receover into standby whenever you put that TV into standby.

The second output on your AV receiver is intended to be used to allow you to connect a Pj as well as a TV to the AV receiver in the main room and isn't intended to pass through both audio and video to a second zone. If wanting this kind of setup then you'd need an AVR with dedicated second HDMI zone capabilities and not just mirrored HDMI outputs.

In the meantime, try turning HDMI Control off onboard the TV or the AV receiver. This will prevent the TV's standby status effecting the AV receiver's standby staus. There is in gact a setting on the receiver than can be used to prevent the TV's standby staus influencing the status of the AV receiver:

by default 2021-11-06 at 05.38.37.png

It is also worth noting that the second HDMI output on the AV receiver isn't either ARC or HDMI CEC enabled and only the HDMI 1 output is.

It is impossible for the TV to force the AV receiver into standby if HDMI Control (CEC) is turned off onboard all the devices. You are mistaken if you are still exoperiencing your issue while thinking you've turned HDMI Control (CEC) off. Nothing else has the anility to sync the TV and the AV receiver's standby status.
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Why does it matter? I'm not being paid to respond, nor am I being given a bonus to proof read anything I post.

By the way, if it simply a matter of you being annoyed that the AV receiver reverts to the HDMI 1 source while in standby then I'd suggest you connect the SKY Q box to that input if it is mainly the SKY Q you want to be paased through the AVR while it is in standby.

Also note that you can select the HDMI source that is being passed through the AV receiver using the remote even if the AV receiver is in standby. You'd not need to power the AVR back up in order to be able to select a different HDMI source. Simply use the HDMI 1–5 buttons on the remote to select which source you'd like the AV receiver to pass through the AV receiver.

It should also be noted that the SKY box also has an HDMI Control setting.

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