Yamaha RX-V685, CCwGTV: Which device is decoding surround sound?


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I'm using a Chromecast with Google TV streaming device, connected to my Yamaha RX-V685. My question is this: Which device is doing the decoding?

In the examples below, I have Surround Decoder set to Auto on the Yamaha.

When I turn off Surround Sound on the CCwGTV, it passes stereo to the receiver. I confirm this by turning on "Straight" on the Yamaha. If I turn off Straight, the Yamaha outputs 5.1.2.

When I turn on Surround Sound on the CCwGTV, and play a DD or DD+ source, the Yamaha outputs 7.1 with Straight on; 5.1.2 with Straight off. When I play an Atmos source, the Yamaha outputs 5.1.2 with Straight either on or off.

My understanding is that it's best to let the last device in the chain do the decoding. I assume that the Netflix, Disney+, HBO, etc. apps are sending encoded audio streams. But I'm unclear on what's being passed to the Yamaha receiver by the CCwGTV device.


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If bitstreaming the audio from the source then it would be the AV receiver doing the decoding. It would ordinarilly be suggested you bitstream the audio and let the AVR do the decoding in most instances.

STRAIGHT mode on the Yamaha AVR results in the receiver bypassing any additional upmixing or DSP Program processing. If you are getting 5.1.2 while STRAIGHT is engaged then the source is bitstreaming DD+ or TrueHD inclusive of Atmos metadata. You'd not get Atmos from most sources unless actually bitstreaming the audio package to the AV receiver for it to decode.

Press the INFO buttom on the front fascia of your AV receiver to change the display so that it indicates the incoming audio format.

Your sources will have audio output options that determine whether those sources decode the audio prior to streaming them or send them packaged for the AV receiver to decode.

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Thanks, dante01. This is helpful. I find explanations of SS handling from consumer product companies is usually overly general and often misleading.

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