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Yamaha RX V677 HDMI Projector Issue


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Can someone please assist me before I lose my mind? Recently replaced my Yamaha RXV640 RDS with a new Yamaha RX V677 and I’m experiencing major headache connecting the RX V677 with my Infocus IN82 projector using a brand new 10Metre 4K PREMIUM HDMI v2. High Speed HD UltraHD 2160p cable.

I see a flashing beneath the red HDMI on the front of the receiver’s display. Connecting my Sony BluRay DVD player directly to the projector using the same cable works perfectly. I switch to the Yamaha whilst connecting the Sony to ANY HDMI input does not reveal anything on the screen.
Is there anything or any setting on the receiver I’m missing?

The guy at Richer blames the 10M length of cable, saying it's is too long. But why does the 10M cable work with the Sony DVD player?



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I experienced something similar when I replaced my Yamaha RXV 673 for my Denon X4000. Turned out to be a lower voltage output from the newer AVR.
I rectified it by using a Darbee Darblet which upped the voltage, but I also used HDMI over cat 6 for a while too since that has its own power supply.
Could be worth a try?


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shouldn't be the cable as im using a 15m hdmi cable connected to a rxv 577 and no problems. if the projector has two hdmi input slots try putting it into the other slot?


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It is usually suggested that HDMI over cat6 be used if the cable run is longer than 8m. HDMI org wont even test cables longer than 8m because of the issues associated with longer HDMI cables. THe specifications for HDMI don't specify an exact voltage for the HDMI interface to use and there;s an acceptable range as opposed to one fixed voltage so you can get varied results with longer cables depending upon the hardware being used in conjunction with the cable and the voltage the manufacturer supplies to the HDMI interface. The quality of the cable can also effect the reliability over longer distance. Some devices fare better with long HDMI cable runs than others. A far more reliable solution for anything more than 8m is to use HDMI over cat6. This wouldn't be dependant on the HDMI interface voltage or the quality of the cable being used.

You may find this of some interest:
HDMI org long HDMI cables
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Thank you all for your advice/suggestions,

I believe I have found the answer; Franzk and Dante01 switched on the light!The issue is the length of the HDMI cable; not al AV equipment is created equal, hence wrench86 having a working RX-V577 and my RX-V677 not working.

The most cost effective solution is cat5/6 cable connected to a HDMI Baluns on either end and a short 1 metre HDMI cable connecting the baluns to the source and the projector.

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