Yamaha RX-V671 Setup options??


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Hi all I am still new to this so please just let me know if I have posted this completely wrong and I will try to correct it. Right onto what this is about. I have just bought myself a Yamaha RX-V671 av recover with a set of q acoustic speakers. I now am wondering how I got about connecting it to my tv and accessories. I am trying to connect and Xbox 360 slim a ps3 slim and sky+ HD Box to the recover and also my tv I know to connect them all to the receiver via hdmi and then one hdmi cable from receiver to tv. just wondering if I need to connect any optical cables if so where thanks very much.


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Ok, connect your Sky+HD box to the amp via the HDMI cable to HDMI 1 on your amp. Also run an optical lead from the optical out on the Sky box to AV1 optical in on the amp. Run a HDMI cable from HDMI OUT on your amp to the TV.

To be honest, I have no idea what the outputs are from your xbox or ps3, but let me know and I can guide you through, but if they are similar (HDMI and optical or coaxial) then connect them into HDMI 2/3 in on the amp. As you only have 2 optical in options on the amp, you will need to connect one of your units via the coaxial option.

Make sure that you connect the units up so that they have the correct video/audio line up, i.e. HDMI 1/AV1, HDMI 2/AV2, HDMI 3/AV3, HDMI 4/AV4

You may need to associate the AV inputs to your HDMI inputs using the V671 menus

Hope that helps to get you started
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You will need to connect the Sky+ HD box via optical or digi-coax to get Dolby Digital 5.1 as the boxes only output stereo over HDMI.

You have two options:

A. Sky connected direct to TV
  • Sky to TV via HDMI (1)
  • Sky to AV Receiver via optical or digi-coax (2)
  • Xbox360 to AV Receiver via HDMI (3)
  • PS3 to AV Receiver via HDMI (4)
  • AV Receiver to TV via HDMI (video from PS3 and Xbox 360)

(1) This option will allow you to use either the TV speakers for quiet viewing e.g. watching news or AV Receiver speakers for movies, games etc.
(2) Set to DOLBY D in sound settings menu. The latest Sky+HD boxes have both digi-coax and optical. The original Thomson boxes only had optical. When given the choice I prefer digi-coax
(3) Set the Xbox 360 up for Dolby Digital audio in the sound settings menu.
(4) Set PS3 up as per the sticky post in the Onkyo owners forum i.e. bitstream

B. Sky connected via AV Receiver for both audio and video
  • Sky to AV Receiver via optical or digi-coax (1)
  • Xbox360 to AV Receiver via HDMI
  • PS3 to AV Receiver via HDMI
  • AV Receiver to TV via HDMI (video from PS3, Xbox 360, Sky+HD)

(1) Assign the inputs in the Recevier set up menu so that the digital audio input matches the video input

The setup for Sky+HD, Xbox360 and PS3 are the same as above.


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I have tried this from Sky+ HD 1tb box to HDMI1 and then setup AV1 via Optical for the audio and I get no audio from the Sky Box any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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You shouldn't need to use an additional optical connection for audio from your SKY HD box. SKY STBs can now output 5.1 audio via HDMI if upgraded.

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