Yamaha RX-V667 - Zone 2 L/R speaker level


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I've connected a pair of bookshelf speakers to my yamaha rx-v667, to the extra sp connections, as i wish to use them as 'zone 2'. However, one of the speakers is louder than the other - i'm guessing this is due to differing lengths of speaker cable (i can't change this unfortunately as the speaker cables are already laid). It's definitely a cable issue as i've swapped the speakers and the cable inputs on the amp and the problem remains.

i've figured out how to change sources and adjust the volume of the zones independently, however, i can't seem to find an option to adjust the individual speaker levels for the zone 2 speakers.

For every other speaker, i can adjust +/-10dB. however there is no option to adjust the zone 2 speaker levels. When i go into the setup page, the 'presence speaker' levels are greyed out. There are no dedicated settings that i can find for speaker levels when it's set to 7.1ch+ZONE2.

I've tried adjusting the presence speaker levels when it's set to 7.1Ch normal, but this doesn't affect the levels when it's in 7.1ch+zone 2.

Anyone know if and how this is possible?




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I've resolved the issue - impedence was set wrong, I changed it and now no audible difference in volume from each speaker.

Still would like to know of its possible to adjust the levels tho for future reference!


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You don't / can't normally adjust speaker levels for stereo speakers.

I was going to ask what impedance your speakers were.

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