Yamaha RX v667 with RocketFish SSVC-6


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May 4, 2011
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I have been struggling w/ this for over 6 weeks. Many trips back and forth to BestBuy. I even paid their Geeksquad $100 to come and give me their recommendation, and when I followed their plan...the issue continued.

Here's my setup. I have a main room w/ built-in 5 speakers (2F, 2B + 1 center) and then I have 6 more rooms each w/ 1 pair of speakers.

The main room speakers are connected to the Yamaha receiver and things are working fine. However, I cannot get the selector box to work. I changed like 3 of them and as I said, BB came in and they recommended changing it. I tested each room seperately by connecting its speakers to available ports on the 667 and they work. Here's how I have things connected:

RXv667 has HDMI out to the TV, I am using a laptop and an HDMI CD/DVD player as source. I realize that the Selector box (zone2) only works w/ AV not HDMI, so in testing the setup, I disconnect the HDMI from the output (or the DVD player) and I connect it to AV5 or AV6 on the Yamaha receiver and I get things working in the main room, however, when I turn Zone2 on, nothing gets carried over to any of the rooms. I only turn on one or two rooms at a time for testing. The speakers in the other 6 rooms have cables w/ 4 color coded wires black (_), red(+) and green & white. I google'ed and asked GS and they indicated that Green is Negative while white is Positive. Is this correct?

Ideally, I would like to be able to control both Zone 1 & 2 independently. I changed the Yamaha box few times w/ different models and the same issue continues. I was told there is no way I can get HDMI across to Zone2, which I accepted, but I cannot seem to even get AV across....what's wrong? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
What do you mean by 'only works w/ AV not HDMI' Specifically AV?

To be clear zone 2 only works with analog sources and the internal tuner (not digital, so no optical or digital coax as well as HDMI), I'm not sure if by AV thats what you actually mean.
exactly, I meant analog...what I am trying to do is the following: Connect a DVD/CD player via AV cables (3 cables red, white, yellow) to the Yamaha receiver, then play a CD and be able to listen to it in either zone or both zones, should that work? Thank u so much, I know I am not very technical but I am trying to get Zone2 (6 rooms) to either play from a source connected from HDMI or AV cable.
Well zone 2 will not work with a HDMI source as said above but it should work with the phono cables (what you call AV cable).
I take it you have tried connecting a set os speakers direct to the zone 2 output on the reciever without the switch with still no sound?
I know this will sound simple but you have connected the speakers to the right connections at the back (the spring clips) and you have enabled the 2nd zone in the amp (the connections can be assigned for a few different jobs).
I think I did. the Geek Squad guy looked at it. The only thing I am not sure about is the cables for the other rooms, each has 4 wires, red(+), blk(-), and I think Green is (-) and White is (+)? If I unplug all HDMI cables going into/out of the receiver and only connect the CD player into AV6 via the 3 color coded cable (red, white, yellow) and still nothing is crossing into zone2. The only time I am able to have the other rooms work is if I connect them directly to the receiver using either left/right front or back or center cables.

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