Yamaha RX-V663 stopped receiving signals from remote control RAV372

Hi guys,

thanks for welcoming me into this forum. This is my first post, in the hope I will get help resolving this very much problematic issue that I have all of a sudden. As the title shows, my AV receiver Yamaha RX-V663 stopped receiving signals from its original Yamaha remote control RAV372. Many functionalities are not possible without such remote and am in desperate situation to sort this out. I tried getting other third party remote controls from Amazon, nothing. I even ordered a separate IR receiver which I connected with my receiver, also nothing. Is there any clue or suggestion or anything that you guys can provide me to hopefully fix this issue?

very much thanks in advance for your advises and helpful posts



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Firstly, ensure that the AV receiver isn't set to ZONE 2. THe remote control's behaviour would be different if this is the case.

If you are positive that the remote itself isn;'t at fault then it would be an issue with the AV receiver. Ensure that the panel behind which the IR receiver is hidden is clean and clear. If this doesn;t change anything then I'd suggest it to be an internal fault that has arisen.

I'm assuming you've tried the obvious and changesd the batteries in the remote?

I know it is a pain and probably will not resolve this, but have you tried factory resetting the AV receiver?

Maybe also check to see if the remote ID is still set to its default:

As a side note, note that if connecting an IR extender to any Yamaha AV receiver then the extender would need to have its own power supply. THe AV receiver doesn't carry power to the extender via the connection.

All in all, it sounds like a fault with the AV receiver to me and only a service engineer is going to be able to tell you for sure.
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As well as Dante's suggestions

1. Check IR remote is emitting something by using a camera / phone (some apparently have IR filters so use the cheap and cheerful type).

2. Check that nothing is flooding the receiver IR lens - energy saving lamps had a reputation for doing that. Faulty leds may well do the same. (Basically turn off everything you can to eliminate or cover the front of AVR with a coat or blanket while using the remote underneath it).
very much thanks for your fast replies. appreciated

yes first thing I checked were the batteries as instinctively I blamed them immediately. issue still remained. Zone 2 is off, I just doubled confirmed it is off. Clean panel I also checked this, though I keep my equipment in clean state with good cabinet, but I still checked it. I just also did the test with mobile and could see IR of remote is actually transmitting. Tried also the "dark environment" method with a beach towel. Same same :( Then I checked the ID with the steps you provided, it shows ID 1 (I tried ID 2 juuust in case).

Remaining options are two from what you mentioned and I'm VERY scared of them ...

1) Factory reset, it is a pain but I would still do it if it's only the pain issue, however I cannot do it because if remote control issue persists then I am in a deadlock as I cannot do the setup I have again without remote :(

2) Service engineer : how much I wish I can take it. I would take it now if I can, but my country Malta we do not have an authorized Yamaha engineer and I don't trust taking it to any other third party engineer due to being a piece of very fine delicate equipment


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What about this:

During the past years, we have been offering after sales support to several local importers who import famous brands like Sony, LG, Haier, Sanyo, JVC, Pioneer, Yamaha, Mission speakers, Philips, Casio cameras and many others.

We are officially recognised as service partners by Yamaha, Casio and Sanyo. In 2007, in agreement with Direct Sales, the local importer of Pioneer in Malta and Pioneer Europe we were appointed as the official service centre in Malta for Pioneer products. In 2008, 2009 and 2011 after various controls, recommendations and recognising the fact that a professional support is needed in Malta, JVC, LG and Haier respectively, officially appointed us as authorised service centre for consumer electronics. We are authorised to cover warranties and after sales support with originals parts and accessories. We welcome all interested local importers and organisations to contact us so that together we can discuss any after sales support which may be needed, thus reducing expenses and saying good bye to all technical problems.

If unsure then also contact Yamaha themselves and ask them where they'd recommend you take it.
ahh I know who they are.

will contact Yamaha straightaway though. but my goodness, the thought of taking it to be opened and "taken apart" ... pains my brains .... but once again many thanks. Yamaha first, then RV Electronics

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